Kylie here; I live on a small five acre homestead in Central Oregon, well farm-to-be, I should say. We have a few animals here and there but nothing to write home about. Our garden, as minuscule as it is, still provides much joy and one day will be all the rage.

Our fixer-upper farmhouse is still a work in progress, we have lived here for 3 years. Slow and steady wins the race, we take that to heart around these parts! We don’t know what we are doing but are typically up for the project. Most of the time we do it wrong and end up redoing it sometime down the road. Failure is a reality.

Come alongside myself and Trey- my not-so-farmy husband, our three sons, and 16 animals (and counting) as we are navigating our way through adoption, farm living, and renovating our 1970’s farmhouse. If we give you nothing else at least we entertain you for a few moments here and there!

The Grays!