The Healing Homestead…

This here homestead has been a long time a’ comin’, its been a complete miracle from the get go! We found our home after searching for quite sometime for a place. We were literally heading back to my parents house after searching all Thanksgiving week for a possible home with no such luck when we came upon what is now our home! We lived in West Virginia at the time when we had flown into visit family annnddd to try and find a home. I am tellin’ ya we looked at probably 100’s of properties, found jack crap. By chance we took the back road to my parents house when mom shouted “hey that place looks empty”, and it WAS!

Our home before some fixin up.

To make a crazy long story short, the house wasn’t yet for sale, but that was okay because like I said, we were still living in WV. We miraculously got in contact with the listing agent, she kept us updated on everything. We ended up getting our place by the skin of our teeth! It wasn’t quite the style I had envisioned for myself but it has ended up being just what I needed. I dreamt of having an old old old farm house on lots of acreage, an old barn that was still in good condition, and oodles of character to go around! Well, our house wasn’t quite the “farmhouse” i was looking for and it wasn’t very old, no huge barns to speak of, but character? Wasn’t lacking in that department. If anything it had MORE then enough, mayyybe just not the kind I was thinking of.

While were in WV I had a terrible bout with depression. It took me awhile to come to terms with actually calling it “depression” but that’s what it was. It was a mixture of all sorts of things. I was a newlywed, and if you have ever been a newlywed you know the challenges it can bring to anyone. On top of that I was 3000 miles away from my family as well as my closest friends. I had lived in WV for quite sometime before but it was different this time around. Trey was working nights, that was hard on both of us and I swear the sun only came out once that summer. It was sooo dreary. During that 3 year time we decided we wanted to grow our family and wanted to move closer to my family for support. I was so excited! I just knew it was going to turn my dreary days into sunshine! It didn’t. Well we live in Central Oregon and it literally did turn into sunshine but my depression didn’t leave.

A few years after moving to Oregon we started our adoption process. A year later we brought our boys home. All 5 of us were on the struggle bus for the better part of that first year in one way or another. Being a family was just plain hard. The boys, well that’s a given. After 13 foster homes they finally had their Forever Home and well just because they get a good home doesn’t mean all of their troubles go away. Not at all, unfortunately. I was still dealing with lingering parts of depression and well Trey seemed to be doing okay, for now. It was 6 months into bringing the boys home when I started feeling soooooo freaking good! I couldn’t believe it! I didn’t want to hide away from people anymore, had more energy, and just felt good. Around that same time the boys really settled in too.

the boys this past winter. they LOVE snow.

The first Thanksgiving with boys Treys grandmother past away, she raised him after his own mother past away when he was 8. It hit him hard. I had never seen my husband in such a low place before. He was at his lowest while I was at my highest. Looking back now the Lord totally had that under control. His grief hit after our boys felt secure and after I was able to snap out of depression. He supported me for those years and now it was time I learned how to support him.

By the following spring we brought home our first round of chicks. More and more animals started coming on to the homestead and more and more healing seem to take place. My whole soul stared to heal. We went through a lot with the boys, like A LOT, and we just needed to recover. I can’t describe the feeling I get when new animals come home, its like I am doing exactly what I am meant to do. I was totally meant to be the care taker of all these critters and to bring along side my little family for the ride.

our milk goat Dorsey with her little doeling, Primrose.

Though Trey may deny this, I believe he has seen lots of healing through this homestead as well.  He woke up on chick hatching day and the first thing he did was grab a flash light to check if any of them had hatched in the incubator. Its the little things with him. Like the anticipation for the birth of the new baby goat kid to the sprouting of the very first spring seedling, you know it is affecting him too. He reluctantly wants to be apart of it all. At very least he sees the joy it brings me and the children and he just cant help but get some healing too. Treys let go of a lot on these 5 acres, but I will leave his story for him to tell ya all one day.

The garden in late March.

It brings a person so much healing witnessing first hand what the Lord our God has created, there’s somthin’ so powerful about that. I have been and I have seen my husband and children be transformed on this little piece of land, it was a miracle from the start. We have all had hard times that at some point have felt unbearable, but we have made it through while all living on this Homestead. There’s nothing Jesus can’t heal with the power of prayer, love of family, and a Homestead!

Thank you, Jesus.

**Our homestead finally has a name!!! Only took 4 years, but hey, good things take time!

Introducing, finally…

Dragonfly Station 

Est. 2015

How it got its name: We live in the Oregon Outback. In the Australian outback farms/homesteads are called stations. Dragonfly came from the fact we have dragonflies that I love that seem to come around in late summer. Plus its s reference to a beloved TV show that I will never tire of. So there ya have it!

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