They are worth it…

I am not quite sure if this whole mom life is getting a little easier or if I am starting to turn into a crazy person?! I believe it’s the latter. We are all getting into a groove and it feels strange that they have only been home for two months.

I wrote a post saying that one day will go by and I will realize the twins didn’t get into a huge fight. People, that day has come! It didn’t dawn on me until I was putting them to bed and thought “wow today was a pretty good day” then looked at both of them “wait, you guys didn’t get into a fight today? I don’t think you hit, kicked, bit, pinched, scratched, slapped, or threw toys at your brother?” The twins, “nope momma we didn’t” I started uncontrollably sobbing. “Momma why are you so sad” “I am not sad, I am SO so so HAPPY!” I couldn’t believe what had gone on. I was so proud of my little guys and how far they have come that my heart was about to burst! Let me tell you, it was sooooo very WORTH it!!! They are worth every fight we break up, every tantrum they thrown, and every tear I shed.

They. Are. Worth. It. All.

Keep all of your prayers coming! Our little family is feeling every single one. We wouldn’t be able to make it through this without all of the support and prayers from all of you!

Post from September 1st.

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