Letting go of ALL that anger…

Since we have had our boys we have been taking them to this MMA gym. Let me tell you something it has been life changing for them and us. Their Coach is a man that made it through the foster care system and aged out. He had many many trials with bumps and bruises to say the least and yet somehow beat the odds. He now is a Godly man that owns his own gym and trains champions. Through this he has been able to come along side us and help us with getting a lot of their anger out while teaching discipline. They have LOTS of anger. Teaching them it’s okay to punch, hit, kick, or head butt if your doing it to a punching bag or something who’s not your brother or parents. These were real problems we have had with them and that have essentially dissipated. Sure we have the occasional brother brawl but nothing out of the normal anymore.

The best part is evident in these pictures. Start with a prayer, end with a prayer. All glory is to God.

Originally posted on December 1,2017

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