It is well…

“It is well with my soul” a song title that means a lot to me. Six months ago we brought home three boys that for the last year were separated. Two were in one home and one was in another. In their case file it says “not recommended for placement together”. Their behaviors were so horrible that DHS couldn’t keep them in the same home. Hence the 12 other placements before us. Tonight I rocked the boys to bed, as we do every night, and played a song I hadn’t played in a long time. “It is well” by Bethel Music. It brought me back to where I was just 6 months ago.

Grieving. The children were for sure grieving but so was I. I was grieving the life I just gave up. Screaming, fit throwing, constant fighting, now filled our whole house and I was missing the silence of my home, that I so hated just weeks before. I feared that we would never be “normal” again. I would listen to that song, sing the lyrics and try to convince myself “it was well with me”. But it wasn’t.

Tonight I came down to Trey and just started to bawl. Our children are not the same children they were just six months ago. We take them out in public and actually get compliments on how well behaved they are, L is doing AWESOME in school, the child psychologist we have been going to says they have come so far he sees no need for us to keep coming back. How is this possible!? How do we go from HELL on earth to resembling a normal everyday family? And how did this all happen in six months? “Through it all my eyes were on You, and through it all it is well with me.”




Pic #2: after our first night with the boys in our trailer during the transition period.

Pic #4: X2 throwing a fit for an hour and refusing to come inside. Our golden sat there the WHOLE time with him. They had been home for a week or two.

Pic #9: L learning how to ride a bike. And he picked it up pretty fast!

Originally posted on December 30,2017

2 thoughts on “It is well…

  1. Taking everything inside of me to hold back streams of tears. Our God is so good. I’m so very happy for the boys and for you. You are a beautiful family! Thank you so much for sharing your truths.

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