I started homeschooling L at the beginning of the year. We do a charter school so he has a teacher that we check in with every now and then. Some people thought I was crazy. I heard a lot of negative things about homeschooling him and how he wasn’t going to react well to his new mom being his teacher. But, there was something in me that just felt it was the right thing to do. Maybe, I was stubborn, naive, or possibly little bit of both. Either way I went through with it and have stuck with it.

It’s been hard. I skip days and feel like a failure the majority of the time. Or that I am not good enough to teach him, or he’s not learning like he should be and it’s all my fault, or he’s falling behind. All of these things I have felt for months. This week he went in for a school assessment. He took an hour long test (miracle in itself )and his scores came back incredible. He showed immense improvement from the beginning of the year and in half of his subjects he’s at the top of his class. The other half he has more than tripled his scores from before.

I couldn’t believe it. I sat in front of his teacher tears weld up in my eyes as she was going over his scores with me. She obviously noticed and grabbed my hand “you’re doing sooo good Momma”. Then I updated his caseworker and she sends me this email back. I needed this. (did I mention I asked him if he would rather go to school and he simply said “no, I love YOU being my teacher!!!) 😭

Originally posted on December 15, 2017

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