Double trouble!

These two pictures sum up the last few months with the twins. You catch one and the other is off lickety split! They can sense weakness and will run you over like a freight train. The Lord has totally allowed me to be able to be strong enough to be their mom. It’s tough and I have to be tough. Not because I want to be but because I have to be. You know those super sweet moms out there? Yeah, I am not one of those. I see them and I am envious that they have the ability to be that and their children respond to it. It’s just not what I can be and not what my children respond to. Maybe one day, maybe. For now I gotta put my big girl pants on and deal! I may not get to be the “sweet” mom I want to be but I get to be their mom and that’s pretty sweet.

Originally posted November 21, 2017

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