Daddy’s boy

This little guy has become such a Daddy’s boy! When we first got him he had never had a father figure in his life and because of that he wasn’t too fond of Trey. He would come to me about everything and only want snuggles from me.

About a month or two ago that all changed. I am basically chop liver now and he’s ALL ABOUT Dada. Trey will have just left a room and he will ask me where he went, Trey will come home and he’s jumping up and down banging on the window yelling “daddy is home!”, and while Trey is at work “Momma I miss dada.” Like 20 times a day. I am okay feeling like chop liver because he finally has a daddy and every little boy should have a Dad like he does. One lucky kid!

originally posted November 10, 2017

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